Swirling Leaves – a wedding quilt

My dear friend Nancy B made this one for her son’s wedding.  Nancy is a wonderful piecer and I really enjoyed “listening” to this quilt and taking cues from the fabric and the piecing to develop my quilting designs.  Those three days I spent in NC this summer in classes with Jamie Wallen really opened my eyes to new ways to look at quilts.  I used a variegated YLI thread on the top and Bottom Line prewounds from Superior in the bobbin.   I’m not sure what Nancy named the quilt but I called it Swirling Leaves while I was quilting it because Nancy fussy cut the large squares and made Four -Patch Swirls there instead of just a large square of focus fabric.  The fabric had a leaf (acanthus?) in it that swirled in a circle in those blocks.  They were my inspiration for my quilting design motifs.  To see the quilting designs close-up click on each of the pictures.






I delivered the quilt to Nancy at White Oak last weekend and she was very pleased with it.  She showed it to the group during Show and Tell Friday night and I was very happy with the wonderful things she said about my quilting.  Thank you so much Nancy B!!

Wrestling with a huge fluffy white elephant

Back in the early part of the year a comforter/home dec factory went out of business and was scrapping all of its batting.  One of our QSC members found out and rented a truck and rescued the batting.  It was stuffed into another member’s garage and the call went out for members from around the state to come and get it and distribute it for use in charity quilts.  So I conned the Ref into a trip to Sumter with the trailer and we hauled home a very very very large roll of batting.  We hauled it into the dining room where it took up residence until just a few weeks ago.

Other members had reported that it was so high in loft that they were able to peel it apart and get two batts for each one.    Many guilds benefited from this windfall.

My plans for the roll we hauled home was to use it for Quilts of Valor.  So a week or so before Pieceable Retreat the Ref and I again lugged this huge thing out of the house and stuffed it into the back of his old truck.  We drove up to the church and unrolled it in the social hall and started cutting it into usable sized pieces.  We folded those up longways four times and then I rolled that up and tied it with a piece of fabric.  We ended up with 22 rolls that were 72″ wide and 11 FEET long.  And I figured double that as I was planning to have people peel them into two batts when they received them.  We stuffed two rolls each into a large flex garbage bag and I found room all over the studio to stash them.

Before heading to Pieceable Retreat I had a few Quilts of Valor to quilt here.  Virginia and I opened up one roll and tried to peel it apart.  No go.  I talked to one of the girls who had easily peeled hers apart and learned that their batt was probably twice as thick as the one I had.  So while these are pretty high loft they were not two ply.  Darn and drat.  They are usable for other charity projects but just not good for QOV.   They will be used for the Sassy Senior quilts and I got another roll of batting for the QOV quilts we quilted at retreat.

So I went from one huge white fluffy elephant in my dining room to 11 large brown bears in my studio.  They were everywhere!  What to do???  Then it hit me.  I store my rolls of batting upright in the back bathroom bathtub of the studio.  The large bathroom has a big shower stall with sliding glass doors.  YEP!  Eight of those big brown bears now live in the shower and three reside under the computerized quilting system.  We are slowly using them up.







All’s well that ends well.  Just no showering or bathing at the studio.  And isn’t the Ref just as cute as cute can be??


A Galaxy of Stars and Feathers!

Many of the quilters across our wonderful state of SC have taken the Galaxy Star class from Anita Bowen.  It is a popular class and a stunning quilt pattern.  I have seen it done in a variety of colors and all are fantastic.  I would like to make one myself one day but then I would like to make a lot of quilts – I have a very large Quilt Bucket list.  The next best thing to making one is getting to quilt one!  Thanks to Harry Sue (it is not a boy named Sue but a gal named Harry!!) I finally got my wish.  I love her bright and happy stars.  Those of you coming to Pieceable Retreat at White Oak will get to see this one in person.  I did beadboard on the piano key border, a little curvy line in the inner border, continuous curves/pumpkin seeds in the stars. and then feathered the dickens out of the background.  Fil-Tec Glide thread on top in a light gold and Magna-Glide bobbins in light taupe for the back.








Plum Feathers ala Kaffe Fasset



I have a customer in the upstate who loves Kaffe Fasset fabrics and unusual piecing patterns.  This one she called Plum Feathers.  It is a strippy style quilt and I love the way the squares are offset.  The fabrics and the piecing called for a lot of quilt whispering and listening on my part.  In the feather strips I did a curvy fern and I repeated that spiky look in the printed fabric squares.  I did some Fanciful Gridwork ala Jamie Wallen in the plum fabric.  And a wavy line in the striped fabric as it needed just a little something.  The customer loves it and I did too!!  So Fine threads on top in two different shades of plum and Bottom Line in the bobbin in grey.  I love how the back looks!DSCN0817





Just Clowning Around

My customer Kathy A did this darling applique clown quilt for a grand.  It is very long – so long I can’t hang it from my quilt hanging rack to get a full picture.  So I took pics of every block and the borders.  Some of the blocks look distorted because the quilt was draped over my rails and laying up against the longarm table.  Some of the blocks were pretty large.  I sure had fun with this one and I know a little guy is going to be thrilled with it.  I see Miss Lucy Kitty on her window perch in a couple of the pics!!


Image.ImageImageImageImageImage.ImageImageImage ImageImageImagen heImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Thursday Throwback



I don’t have anything new to show in the way of quilting.  I have one on the frame but it isn’t finished.  I guess I need to start doing a “what’s on the frame now post.”  But it is fun to look back and showcase some of my favorite quilts.  This one was pieced and appliqued by Janice A.  I adapted a stencil for the border and added small beadboarding to the edge of the quilt and developed a corner treatment to go with the stencil.  I used a double cable stencil in the white sashing.  A scallop frame in the colored sashing, continuous curves in the corner stones and swirls in the interior of the hearts.  If I could have a do over I would pick something different than the stipple in the background around the hearts – probably McTavishing.  But overall I still love this quilt.IMGP3122 002

IMGP3124 004

IMGP3125 005

IMGP3126 006

IMGP3123 003

IMGP3127 007

Monday Memory – Take One

I am going to try to feature a quilt from my “past” every Monday.  So many are worth seeing again.  This one is Rambling Rose meets Jamestown and was a Block of the Month featured by Sew n Sew, one of our local quilt shops.  The pattern is by Marti Michell.   It was beautifully pieced by Joanne P.  I quilted feathers in the light areas of the log cabin blocks, used a stencil in the sampler blocks to give them unity.   In the dark parts of the log cabin I freehanded a motif from the stencil and added swirls.
IMGP0471 001 IMGP0472 002 IMGP0473 003 IMGP0474 004 IMGP0477 007 IMGP0478 008 IMGP0479 009

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