Contemporary Oriental BQ Quilt


When not sewing and entertaining some of my posse this week I’ve been busily quilting this Oriental BQ for a customer/friend.  I spent a long time deciding how I wanted to quilt it.  I did a sashiko style motif in the black areas and then pebbled around the motifs.  In the large squares with the Oriental scenes I chalked a grid and then did continuous curve quilting along the grid to give that a sashiko feel also.  Then in the gold sashing “rings” I quilted bamboo.  That’s hard to see in the pictures.  This was a pretty large quilt and I am now seeing pebbles in my sleep!!

I think a long soak in the hot tub is on my agenda for this evening.

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  1. serendipityquilting
    Jun 28, 2007 @ 21:50:05

    Very pretty!!! Go have that soak. Looks well deserved to me!


  2. quiltingwithkaren
    Jun 28, 2007 @ 21:55:35

    Definitely – and tomorrow I’m driving 4+ hours to take my Prince Charming to the dealer for some TLC while I’m on vacation next week. I think all that pebbling wore him out, too.

    Now to decide if I’m going to stop at Mary Jo’s (a great fabric shop) on my way back home tomorrow. Temptation temptation


  3. serendipityquilting
    Jun 28, 2007 @ 22:03:06

    Ohhhhh I’ve heard of Mary Jo’s… stop!! Throw caution to the wind.. schedule a whole day 😀 And have a wonderful vacaton!!


  4. Corky
    Jun 28, 2007 @ 23:12:51

    The quilt is beautiful KK – I can’t wait to see it close up.


  5. quiltingwithkaren
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 00:28:33

    Corky – Rita is getting it on Saturday – I’m delivering it to her at the quilt show meeting. It will hang at the downtown PPQ shop – she’s planning to make kits to sell. I think it will also go in the show in March.

    The only thing I don’t like about this style of quilting is that the back doesn’t look cool like a more traditional style would look. I could sit and look at the back of the “initial” quilt I did forever.


  6. Carolinian in Texas
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 20:03:59

    KK…the quilt looks great. I, too, think you should throw caution to the wind and go to Mary Jo’s. Wish I could come too…..I need a MJ fix.

    How far backed up are you on the quilting? Would you do a long distance one????


  7. quiltingwithkaren
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 20:39:27

    I’m so backed up it isn’t even funny but if you don’t have a deadline then send it on. I’ve got batting here so don’t worry about that.

    I did go to Mary Jo’s and to Long Creek Mills. I behaved myself very well at both places – altho there was some indulgence.

    Twelve hours on the road is just way too much for this old gal. Not all the time driving, of course, but still a long day in the van. But my Prince Charming is all happy and doing his tricks to perfection again and I have new thread and fabric to fondle.


  8. Corky
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 21:26:42

    I should have come with you for the trip. I would have enjoyed a stop at Mary Jo’s and could have shared driving chores with you (although your van is WAY too big for me!)


  9. serendipityquilting
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 23:20:27

    Glad to hear the Prince is happy! And that you had fun at Mary Jo’s!! 😀


  10. quiltingwithkaren
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 00:44:43

    But Corky – I left here at 6:20 AM!! You would not have been a happy camper – not at all!!

    The Prince is going straight into the studio and as soon as we get back from our vacation and I can get all the guild silent auction stuff loaded back into the van the frame will go to the studio and then all will be wonderful!


  11. carlafibers
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 11:07:53

    Can’t wait to see this when it’s done!! Love your 7 random things, too.


  12. quiltingwithkaren
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 12:08:54

    The crazy thing is I feel like I’m outgrowing the studio before I even get everything in it! And it’s a 2 bedroom (was supposed to be three bedrooms but I had one bedroom wall eliminated and made a much larger living area) modular home (read double wide). Part of the problem is that I’m determined to have nice sewing space for more than one person as I really enjoy having “company” in the studio with me. I think I might store my big rolls of batting in the bathtub!! LOL


  13. quiltingwithkaren
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 17:50:50

    I delivered the quilt this afternoon to Rita at our quilt show meeting. She was a very happy customer and just called to tell me that she took it home and laid it out on her bed and was just thrilled with how it looked. I am so happy.

    And I forgot to tell everyone that Prince Charming now has a nice set of microdrive handles so pebbling and such will not be such a pain in my shoulders from now on.


  14. serendipityquilting
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 21:10:25

    oh nice!! I made myself some and have never gotten them in the house…. so many ideas.. so little time…. I’m glad she was happy!! But then did we expect anything less?!


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