Traveling misadventures

Two hours into my trip to the upstate of SC last Thursday and I stopped to get some coffee.  Large clouds of steam/smoke start billowing out from under the hood of the car.  I don’t think this is a good sign.  Three and a half hours later I’ve had the problem diagnosed (blew the intake assembly), had AAA come to tow the car back to my dealership, and Enterprise rental has come and picked me up and taken me back to their office to do paperwork (don’t believe those commercials where they show the car being delivered to the stranded soccer mom and the team driving away to the game!) and I’m finally on the road again.  I missed most of the first afternoon of judging but they had someone who could fill in for me (I was the scribe, not the judge) so all was not lost.

Spent a delightful Thursday night in the home of my hostess, Pat Kerko.  Beautiful home, delicious dinner, wonderful company, plus dogs, cats, and horses! 

The next day we finished the judging without incident and by 3:30 I was on my way on up to NC to Jolene’s.  We had a great meal at Lulu’s on Main in Sylva, NC and then took the rest of our bottle of wine up to her mountaintop home and had a nice visit.  On Saturday we did some quilt shop-hopping – Ann’s NeedleNook in Franklin, NC, LogCabin Quilt Shop in Hiawassee, GA, and Bless My Stitches in Murphy, NC. 

We stopped at a produce stand and purchased romaine, Vidalia onion, and tomato for a salad for dinner and then a winter squash called Delectica.  It was wonderful.  You pierce it and microwave it and then let it stand and then slice open and scoop out the seeds.  Add some butter and brown sugar.  MMMMMM good!  It is not as stringy as the normal winter squash like acorn.  We also went to the apple orchard and got apple loaf, turnovers, and cider.

I left early this morning and was home by noon with no incidents.  Calico Patchcat has grown and made some developmental leaps while I was gone – she now climbs IN and out of the litter box on her own and is really chowing down on food with very little milk/formula.  And she is climbing on everything and being quite the little hellion.

I’m hoping for a quiet, smooth week but I’m not holding my breath.  The house progress is not going at a pace to suit me at all and I may have to let off some steam to my contractor.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sheila Moore
    Oct 07, 2007 @ 21:14:30

    KK, Sounds like you and Jolene had a wonderful time. I am so looking forward to this weekend in Waynesville. I will be at the apple orchard Friday morning for breakfast. I am jealous that you went to Log Cabin Quilts. I love that store. See you Tuesday, Sheila


  2. KK
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 09:10:54

    The colors were just beginning so hopefully you will have a good show next weekend. Calico Patchcat is looking forward to meeting Auntie Sheila on Tuesday. I need to have a video camera going 24/7 as she is very very entertaining.


  3. Sheila Moore
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 09:31:19

    I can hardly wait to see her, probably won’t get much sewing done tomorrow, I will be playing with Calico!!!! Sheila


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