Funky Feather Quilting

I spent the weekend practicing “longarm” feathers on this quilt top.  There are two types of feathers that we can quilt using our long arm.  One is called “over the top” and the other style is known as “longarm.”  The former is more stylized/formal.  I first learned longarm feathers from Nichole Webb and did them exclusively until I learned formal feathers from Sherry Rogers-Harrison.  I just received Jamie Wallen’s Mystical Cottontrack Feathers DVD and Workbook and after watching the DVD decided to attempt his longarm feather fill called Flurry of Feathers.  Lessons learned – I need more practice.  Practice should be on fabric where I can SEE what I’m doing!  My longarm feathers are fairly good going up the spine of the feather but pretty shoddy coming down the spine.  I “know” what I should be doing but need to draw draw draw to attain the “muscle memory” to be able to backtrack down that spine fluidly.  On my next piece for myself I’m going to use Suzanne Early’s Meandering Magic method to fill the quilt with feathers as her technique uses the “over the top” feather method.  But all in all………..the busy fabric hides most of the feathers that have that funky “broken finger” appearance and the overall quilting gives the quilt very nice texture and movement.  I will be donating this one to my guild’s community outreach project – lap quilts for cancer patients staying at Hope Lodge while receiving their treatments.

Sample for Quilters\' Day OutA better look at the feather flurry quilting.Since retiming my machine I\'m having wonderful tension.  Hope it continues.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    May 30, 2008 @ 00:25:02

    Karen, oh my goodness! This is Janice’s quilting “student” and I happened across your blog while trying to track down a pattern. I thought nothing of the title as I was searching through the pictures on your page I thought, ‘wow those quilts look familiar’- and then I realized whose page this was! I’m baffled! Anyway, I’ve found the quilt pattern now but wanted to let you know how wonderful and informative your blog is! Hopefully I’ll get to see you ladies again before we move. Happy Quilting!


  2. KK
    May 30, 2008 @ 07:15:50

    Jessica – so glad you found me! It’s sad you are moving away but I’m happy to have gotten to know you. Keep on quilting!


  3. Valerie
    May 31, 2008 @ 23:35:08

    Love your pictures. I have really enjoyed my visit.


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