Shop Hop – Day Three

The third day of hopping and only three shops remaining.  We headed west on US 50 to Williamstown,WV and the Woolen Willow, LLC.  This shop was one of the ten shops featured in Quilt Sampler Fall 2007.  Then back to Parkersburg, WV and Parkersburg Sewing & Quilting Center.  Our final stop was in Harrisville, WV at Pieces of the Past Quilt Shop.  

Now that you have vicariously shop hopped with me, I have a question.  What features make for a great quilt shop?  What does your favorite shop do/have/provide that makes it your favorite shop?  In the past few weeks I have visited 14 shops in WV (one that wasn’t on the shop hop) and 5 shops in SC.  Some are worth many return trips.  Some will only get a visit from me if they are on a shop hop.  Some I could spend hours and many dollars in.  In some I saw nothing to capture my interest.  Please feel free to comment.  Tomorrow or the next day I’ll share my thoughts/views. 

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