Callie Cat is One Year Old!

Happy Birthday Callie Cat!!!

Many great things have happened to and for me in the past year or so.  I was able to move into a studio on my property that allows me to have my quilting buddies come and play on a regular basis and thus TTT was born. 

Last August when we began major renovations on our house I started “camping” out in the studio – since it is a double wide mobile home with kitchen/bath and I had a sofa bed it was the perfect escape for me from the dry wall dust and major mess in the house.  The first night I stayed in the studio I could hear a kitten crying.  We determined it was under the studio.  Four or five weeks later I sent the Ref under to investigate and out he came with the most darling calico kitten.  No mama under there at the time and no siblings.  We later learned the mama had moved two kittens back to her “home” down the road from us.  It is obvious Callie Cat was meant to live with me in the studio – I had been up there a lot even before I spent the night and to hear her for the first time the first time I stayed overnight – and then to choose the day mama cat was moving the kittens to go under and investigate is just too coincidental.

I have had and still own other pets but this little bundle of fur has really captured my heart.  She is such good company when I’m working in the studio alone and is ready to entertain when the gals come to play.  Her favorite toy is an empty cardboard bobbin and she knows when I reach under the Prince and pull out the bobbin case that she might get lucky and get one to play with – she comes running, sits up and begs, and then chases it around the studio – sometimes playing soccer, sometimes bringing it back and laying it beside or on my feet for me to throw again.  If I’m busy quilting and don’t notice her she has been known to stuff it under my toe if I’m wearing flip flops or give my ankle a swat so I’ll look down.

So of course when a year rolled around we had to celebrate her birthday.  We mailed out mailed invitations and shopped and filled goodie bags – as you can see we had an “Animal House” theme – all the gals got animal sunvisors and we ate on animal plates.  Goodie bags had a kitty bookmark, kitty pencil, and Kit Kat candy bars.  All of the TTT gang is trying to either get less “fluffy” or eat healthy so we had a veggie tray, cheese and crackers, and lots of fruit – strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple.  Animal Crackers, too!  I found a minisize carrot cake and a large Number One candle for the obligatory cake photo-op.  The cake is now at the house for the Ref to enjoy.

The TTT gals came through like the wonderful, crazy bunch they are.  They brought presents and cards and willingly donned silly hats and celebrated with Callie and me. 

It was a wonderful day – we of course sewed all morning and well into the afternoon – the heat has abated and we took advantage of a cooler studio.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Judy Heyward
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 10:21:18

    What fun, Karen! I hope Callie Cat enjoyed it as much as you all did. Such a special kitty.


  2. KK
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 11:34:51

    This morning Callie is surrounded by her new toys and chomping on her kitty treats but pouting because her “aunties” didn’t come to play today and Mommie has been busy doing chores at the real house.


  3. Brenda Rakowski
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 12:27:32

    I knew you girls were a hoot! What fun you must have had. Just wonder what Callie thought of all her zany “aunties” in their animal hats!


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