TTT does Christmas

This past Tuesday the TTT gals had a busy day.  We decided to start a TTT Book Club and our first book discussion was Tuesday morning.  We read The Appeal by John Grisham for our first book.  We had a lively discussion and just about everyone agreed that the ending was unsatisfactory.  Of course, we all wanted a happy ending with the bad guys getting their just desserts!

We also had decided to do a gift exchange this year and everyone did a fantastic job of selecting and/or making their presents.  I made totebags from woven kitchen towels – from a Nancy Halvorsen book .  If I try to list all the presents now I’m sure I’ll overlook someone or something – just check out all the gift bags lined up on the Prince before we had our “grand opening.”

We also traveled to The Parish House in Eutawville for our lunch.  We had visited there in the Spring and really enjoyed the experience.  This time the food and especially the service left a lot to be desired but we had such a good time laughing about it all that we decided it was just the entertainment we needed (we also decided that maybe we attracted waiters with memory problems as we had a problem at another group outing.)

After lunch we came back to the studio for coffee and cookies (and other sweet goodies we discovered as we opened our presents).  I should have gotten some pics of the unveilings but I was too busy ripping into my own bags!

Here’s the story in pictures.

A little more about Corky’s special present.  At the end of the summer we had a “string weekend” and made string quilts.  We had been saving scraps and strings for months.  Betsy had been very concerned that she would not be comfortable just picking up any fabric and sewing it beside another fabric – she wants her colors to coordinate and all her regularly patterned fabrics to be marching along in order.  So Corky had been “gifting” Betsy with “special” fabrics all year long.  The really wild, the pretty ugly, you know………So Betsy took all of those gifts and sewed and sliced and sewed some more and then embellished – we are so proud of her – an art quilt – and Corky was the happy recipient of the art.

We all said that being together and receiving thoughtful presents from people that we cared about and that cared for us was wonderful – this is Christmas.

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