A new sport

Still lots of pictures I could show you from our touring of San Francisco yesterday but I will save those for later.  Today we invented a new sport.  It is called ‘bike-walking.”  We rented bikes to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. There was much debate over whether to just ride over and  back or to ride on to Sausilito and then ride back or to catch the ferry back once we made it to Sausilito.  I went ahead and purchased ferry tickets for all of us “JUST IN CASE.” 

So……….four senior citizen gals…………limited biking experience in the past  20 years…………..some had never rideen bikes with gear and handbrakes.  Off we went.  And we have lived to tell about it.  We had to walk up many of the hills.  Frances and Corky were able to bike all the way across the bridge but Joanne and myself had to do some walking. 

The bike shop rental guy told us it was better to go down and under and around the bridge to go into Sausilito as less traffic.  Only Joanne heard the word STEPS.  We managed to get our backs down the steep wooden steps on our own.  Followed the path around under the bridge to discover there was another set of steps that we had to get the bikes UP!  Corky forged ahead and got her bike up on her own.  The rest of us decided we might need to do one bike with two people and come back to get the next one.  Then two lovely young men arrived and played the hero and carried our bikes up the steps. 

There was a steep winding hill down and I had a blast coasting down that!!  I can’t say the same for going into Sausilito as the bike path kind of disappeared and we had to share road with traffic and it wasn’t fun.  But we made it.  And we enjoyed some afternoon sunshine and lunch overlooking the bay and then we really enjoyed riding the ferry back to San Francisco.  Good thing I bought those tickets.





Stopped at Walgreen’s on the way back from dinner and got a box of epsom salts so I can soak my poor tired sore leg muscles.  Tomorrow we are doing a riding tour of San Francisco, Sausilito, Muir Woods and the wine country.  Sitting and letting someone drive us around will be a GOOD THING!

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  1. Judy Heyward
    Apr 16, 2009 @ 09:25:28

    Am really enjoying your travelogue, Karen. Congratulations to all of you for your successful biking adventure! I know your blog is just the tip of the iceberg. Were those lupines in the picture with picture with Joanne? They’re beautiful.


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