What happens at ………

………….Red Lobster is SUPPOSED to stay at Red Lobster, RIGHT?  Not if you are the fearless leader of the TTT gals. 

Look what they went and did.  They must love me it they all are willing to wear my face on their chest.KK and the TTT gang

From left to right:  Jolene (yellow shirt) Frances(light blue shirt), Janice (turquoise shirt), Janet (orange shirt), Virginia (light blue shirt), Corky (teal green shirt), Betsy (royal blue shirt), and Sheila( purple shirt).  Of me, of course, in the lime green shirt and the chair of honor.  Too bad I left my crown and diadem at home.  Missing from the picture are Maureen, Joanne, Cindy, and Judy.  I do have a gorgeous and fun bunch of ladies in waiting, don’t I?

So in the picture on the t-shirt  I have my face stuck into a giant sized marguerita known as a Lobsterita.  I know I had two of them that night and don’t know if that was the first or second. 

Looking at this picture of me makes me realize how much I look like my father.  And I really like the pic of me on the t-shirt – I’ve got my eyebrows raised whic makes me look youngerand the giant cocktail glass is hiding my saggy chin.

And of course there’s a story as to why I was “in my cups” just about literally, but that story is staying at Red Lobster.

The gang surprised me with the t-shirts at our annual guild beach retreat in July.  If you are eagle-eyed you have noticed Christmas decorations behind us.  That’s because our retreat theme was Christmas in July.  All of the door prizes were wrapped in Christmas gift bags and we decorated the room and our retreat t-shirts this year were red.

The Ref and I are leaving on Thursday for a few days in WV.  First a stop in Bridgeport (near Clarksburg) to visit my sister and family and Alice Lynn (my college roommate – almost 40 years ago!!) and her family.  Then on to Morgantown and a stop to see another girl friend and her family – Carol and I became friends in the early 60s and went through all the high school angst together.  Then on to Wheeling and the Ref’s 45th high school reunion (Wellsburg High School class of 64).  While there I will also see another long time friend, Betty Gay.  We’ll drive home on Labor Day because Tuesday, Sept. 8 is my birthday and I NEED to spend it in the studio with my TTT gals.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Corky
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 21:03:13

    Have a safe trip and don’t stop at any Red Lobsters on the way!


  2. Sheila
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 21:36:30

    You do have a terrific looking group of ladies in waiting. Have a great trip, see you next Tuesday, Sheila


  3. Judy
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 21:39:31

    I hope the weather’s perfect, Karen, and that you and the Ref have a great time. The picture is stupendacular!


  4. Karen
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 16:05:37

    I came to visit your blog. Saw the link to Quilters of South Carolina. I lived in Columbia for three years. I enjoyed seeing photos of people that I knew through the quilt guilds.


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