Relay for Life T-shirt Quilt

I have been involved with Relay for Life for a number of years and this is my third year as team captain for a team.  Each year team members can earn a t-shirt plus we sell other t-shirts for fund-raising.  And committee members get a t-shirt and survivors get a t-shirt.  So the team has accumulated many many t-shirts amongst themselves.  I volunteered to take some of the shirts and make a t-shirt quilt.  I have never made one from “scratch”. I had quilted a number of them for others.  But two in my Sisters group had made them so I had expertise to draw on.

Last fall I saw a block setting at a quilt show in the upstate and was excited by it and decided to use the setting for the t-shirts.  Then I took a trip to Mary Jo’s to get the perfect fabrics to set the t-shirts off.

Here is the final product and I’m right proud of it!  The quilting is a simple ribbon meander in purple to honor our survivors.  The front background fabric is small multicolored stars and I named the quilt “Reaching for the Stars.”  The backing fabric is larger multicolored stars.

We are offering tickets on this and the drawing is at our Relay for Life event on April 26.





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