Just as nice the second time around!

I have been busy……with church activities, with frogging bad quilting, with a field trip with the Sew n Sisters, with some much needed housework.  So I have no new quilting to show this week.  Instead, here is a look back to a few of my favorites.  You may have missed them the first time.   Sometimes it’s good to visit old friends!

This was one of the very first custom quilts I ever did for a customer.  A Tennesee Waltz.

000_0005 004



Some line dancing on pinwheels.  Another early custom quilting example.






Be Attitudes quilt.




A block from June’s ShoeBox quilt.


Southern Album quilt block.


A close up of one of Jolene’s quilts.


Virginia’s beautiful applique and my feathers and pebbles.



Baby dragons!!IMGP0422 015

Nursery Rhymes quilt.

IMGP0543 002

A wedding quilt by Libby.

IMGP1856 017

Alphabet quilt.

Close up of alphabet quilt

A block from Jolene’s I Believe quilt.


Hope you enjoyed the show!

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