Blooms of another nature

The pattern for this quilt is called Blooming Nine Patch from the book Tradition with Twist. It was all the rage a few or more years back. More …..I think I started mine in 2005 or 2006. Maybe earlier. It is called a Blooming Nine Patch because it is made of many little nine patches. The bloom part comes from choosing fabrics that carry out a color theme and move from one color to another. In the book the samples had very dramatic color changes – it one fabric was fuschia with gold in it then the next fabric was gold with maybe turquoise and the next would be turquoise with.????. The nine-patches were made from each pair of fabrics – the fabric to the left of and the fabric to the right. They were linked with squares of the paired fabrics. Confused? Yeah – many of us were. LOL I was always intrigued by the idea but the sample quilts were just too too colored for my taste. Then a lady from Georgia came to People, Places and Quilts with her version and we fell in love. The bloom was subtle – the fabrics shaded into each other- and the center glowed. Jolene and I took the class together. Then we sewed and sewed and then Jolene moved and we put our blocks into a box and let them season. One weekend I went to Jolene’s and played task master and forced her to get hers sewn together. It is a big task – the little blocks are on point and you have to keep everything in order or the bloom will not happen. So I would lay out a row and carry it to her and she would sew. I thought she might throw me off the mountain before we got finished. I then quilted hers for her birthday – maybe not that year – could have been the next.

I finally got mine together – I luckily have the long table with the longarm and I could lay out each row on it to stay organized. I pieced a backing and shoved it all in my “to be quilted for me” stack. which by the way is HUGE!!

I dedicated the month of July this year to do quilting for me, the sisters, Wadmalaw, and Quilts of Valor. My first project – my blooming nine patch.

So here it is – so big I can’t hang it for a picture – I love it – I have matching pillowcases already made for it thanks to my good friend Frances. I quilted continuous curves in the X squares of the nine patch and a Mystical Gridwork pattern ala Jamie Wallen in the squares. This allowed me to travel back and forth across the quilt with minimal starts and stops and gave the quilt great texture. A light sage green thread on top – So Fine – and a taupe Bottom Line prewound in the bobbin. And piano keys in the border. Simple but effective.

Enough blathering – you want to see the quilt, right?






And here is Jolene’s.  I can’t find a picture of the entire quilt – maybe she will send me one.

IMGP2455 IMGP2458 IMGP2460


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