Thursday Throwback



I don’t have anything new to show in the way of quilting.  I have one on the frame but it isn’t finished.  I guess I need to start doing a “what’s on the frame now post.”  But it is fun to look back and showcase some of my favorite quilts.  This one was pieced and appliqued by Janice A.  I adapted a stencil for the border and added small beadboarding to the edge of the quilt and developed a corner treatment to go with the stencil.  I used a double cable stencil in the white sashing.  A scallop frame in the colored sashing, continuous curves in the corner stones and swirls in the interior of the hearts.  If I could have a do over I would pick something different than the stipple in the background around the hearts – probably McTavishing.  But overall I still love this quilt.IMGP3122 002

IMGP3124 004

IMGP3125 005

IMGP3126 006

IMGP3123 003

IMGP3127 007

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