Wrestling with a huge fluffy white elephant

Back in the early part of the year a comforter/home dec factory went out of business and was scrapping all of its batting.  One of our QSC members found out and rented a truck and rescued the batting.  It was stuffed into another member’s garage and the call went out for members from around the state to come and get it and distribute it for use in charity quilts.  So I conned the Ref into a trip to Sumter with the trailer and we hauled home a very very very large roll of batting.  We hauled it into the dining room where it took up residence until just a few weeks ago.

Other members had reported that it was so high in loft that they were able to peel it apart and get two batts for each one.    Many guilds benefited from this windfall.

My plans for the roll we hauled home was to use it for Quilts of Valor.  So a week or so before Pieceable Retreat the Ref and I again lugged this huge thing out of the house and stuffed it into the back of his old truck.  We drove up to the church and unrolled it in the social hall and started cutting it into usable sized pieces.  We folded those up longways four times and then I rolled that up and tied it with a piece of fabric.  We ended up with 22 rolls that were 72″ wide and 11 FEET long.  And I figured double that as I was planning to have people peel them into two batts when they received them.  We stuffed two rolls each into a large flex garbage bag and I found room all over the studio to stash them.

Before heading to Pieceable Retreat I had a few Quilts of Valor to quilt here.  Virginia and I opened up one roll and tried to peel it apart.  No go.  I talked to one of the girls who had easily peeled hers apart and learned that their batt was probably twice as thick as the one I had.  So while these are pretty high loft they were not two ply.  Darn and drat.  They are usable for other charity projects but just not good for QOV.   They will be used for the Sassy Senior quilts and I got another roll of batting for the QOV quilts we quilted at retreat.

So I went from one huge white fluffy elephant in my dining room to 11 large brown bears in my studio.  They were everywhere!  What to do???  Then it hit me.  I store my rolls of batting upright in the back bathroom bathtub of the studio.  The large bathroom has a big shower stall with sliding glass doors.  YEP!  Eight of those big brown bears now live in the shower and three reside under the computerized quilting system.  We are slowly using them up.







All’s well that ends well.  Just no showering or bathing at the studio.  And isn’t the Ref just as cute as cute can be??


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Morris
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 08:46:45

    All I can say is WOW! Lol


  2. Mary Dusenberry
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 06:54:03

    Good for you~


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